Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Are the Comunity ever happy?

Short answer No, slightly longer answer maybe!?! i have been wanting to blog for a wee while now i have a myriad of ideas swirling around my frontal cortex. Yet when i come to sit at the computer to type them it becomes a chore (thanks dyslexia), that and finding the time recently has been a minor issue. But anyways to start with here goes my thoughts on few rather hot topics that have aggravated the community recently.

Well to start with something that up until recently was even beginning to piss me off, though over the last month or so i have begun to mellow out about it. That is the supposed  "Delay" with WoD. Its a very intriguing case MoP gave us so much content we panicked and burnt out, and know we ae back to a pre-expansion drought as per normal. I am not going to wade into massive depth here about the ins and outs of why when and should we have a wait for content. Instead there is a couple of things that have change my approach to the whole situation.

Firstly Blizzard are no longer a single game company, (this point was made in a few fan site interviews) due to the high level of crossover of there players base. They quite simply cannot afford to dump game releases on top of other game news/releases. While it is difficult to quantify how much of a impact say, dropping a new WoW patch when D3 SC2 or Hearthstone gets content would have. There would be some far better to delay news and allow the other games to spread there wings, lest we not forget RoS must be a success as D3 left a bad vibe with the community. Blizzard would never do anything that may compromise a launch of one of there own titles it makes no sense. (other peoples titles however.... they are fair game)

The other fact that has slowly dawned on me is when do i want WoD to drop? For me personally i don't want to see WoD until Sept at the earliest. If the expansion dropped during the summer, it makes no sense, it is probably the worst time you could release a MMORPG.(in my opinion anyways) Summer sees a traditional drop off in the player base for many obvious reasons, Weather, BBqs, Holidays and Child care due to school closure. Obviously this wouldn't make people not buy the expac or even not play, it would however create increased pressure on our free time and the need to justify that time. Computer games are a hobby (for most of us) and as such the time we spend is our free time. Its far easier to invest 12 hours of play on a cold rainy day in October than it is on bright sunny day in June and not feel like you have wasted that time.

These two thoughts have aided in tempering my rage at the delay to the point that i may now even consider taking a wee break for month in the summer and will plan my pre-expansion bucket list accordingly to compensate for said break.

So finally Azeroth choppers........................... me i quite enjoyed it its fun short and i have some interest in bikes etc. However large swathes of the community seem to take real anger at this. Some laughably blaming the show for the expansion "delays" , which to be quite honest is absurd and retarded. Unless i am highly mistaken the entire WoW dev team have not just downed tools on the expansion to make the show.

Ok so the subject matter is a bit odd but maybe its the first of many web shows, up next WoW cosplay or a day in the life of the dev giving us a sneak peak behinds the scenes. There in is the key problem people have with the show its not the show itself or hell people would be raging on the WoWMovie, but its the subject matter that is aggravating. To put this bluntly if you don't like it you don't have to watch it. More importantly, DON'T MOAN ABOUT IT ALL THE TIME! so many people just constantly bitching about something they will never watch or never intend to watch. I am not a massive fan of cosplay while i appreciate the extreme effort and skills people put in to make there costumes, i would never watch a show about it. Yet i refrain from shoe-horning my dislike of this into every web show, blog post, tweet or conversation i have.

So to sum up (and try and link the post back to the title) as a community we have a increasing tendency to blow things out of all proportion. Context and hindsight are wonderful things, for example the more eagle eyed of you will have noticed i have avoided the Alpha patch notes and changes to game. This is for two changes firstly its ALPHA, and secondly i agree with all of them (like 99% actually). I am always a large fan of the evolution of the game and changes help prevent staleness and boredom. Also i don't believe that removal of UNNECESSARY buttons does not mean dumbing down of the game. Indeed my hope is we will return to systems were everyone can play a class adequately but skilled players have the opportunity to excel and stand out. As opposed to performance being tied to heavily to gear. (BOO!)

That's all for today folks, up next no eta atm, it will either be a post on Guilds, Attitudes or defending LFR though maybe i will roll all three into a uber post! peace out y'all

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