Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Not what was intended

Ok so this post was supposed to be about the Isle of thunder, however like all well laid out plans that one has been delayed by a couple of days. This is for two reasons; firstly time is just not my friend at the moment, secondly a couple of pieces of news this week caught my attention. These will allow me to go crazy with speculation, so if you have a tin-foil hat please equip it. Failing that stand squarely within the nearest door frame in case of building collapse.

Sunday, 7 April 2013


Ok so while i was absent Blizzard, those cheeky swines dropped a absolute bomb! So after my initial puzzling about what the hell Hearthstone is, after watching the trailer video (which was very cool) i have to confess i am now eagerly anticipating its release. On a side note i like many others was expecting the announcement to be the Blizz All-Stars or even failing that maybe just maybe (fingers crossed one day) a Pet battle app. For Anyone out there that thought this would be Titan, you may slap yourselves. Why would Blizz announce a Titan at Pax East, when they have Blizzconn in November. Anyways after the break i shall share my thoughts, hopes and feelings on Hearthstone.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

I am not dead ........ honest!

Ok well i am back and about to blog for the first time in several weeks, really havn't realised it had been that long. Before i go any further i would like to offer up a quick apology for my absence. Three weeks ago i was struck down my the pandemic that is "man flu" which kept me away from the computer, as its difficult to type with snot fountaining out of your nostrils. Then as those of you who follow my other half's blog will no (admiring-azeroth), i was away for a week on holiday. During which time i screwed my foot up and have spent the last several days hobbling around. This coupled with lots of overtime at work has kept me from the blog. After the break ill outline what i hope to achieve blog wise in the next few weeks. :)