Wednesday, 31 July 2013

A Strange lethargy

This was meant to be a post about Levelling that i promised last time out however, that is turning into a bit of brute and will require a large section of my weekend to finish. Instead I'm going a Little off topic here. Over the last month or so i have seen a odd change in the way i play Wow, Join me after the break as i go through it all.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Three items i want in the cash store, and three i dont.

So over the last couple of weeks i have Read a few interesting articles on what people would like to see in the cash shop. So i felt that it was time to chip in my twopence worth. I am going to approach this slightly differently from other articles as you may have guess from the title I'm going to do 3 things i want and 3 i don't. Join me after the cut for my ideas/opinions.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Cash Shop Controversy

So Blizzard really know how to cause a major S*** storm online don't they. I often wonder if they do it on purpose to wind up all the trolls and wingers on the forums. Not only have we seen Some data mining hinting at a cash shop but we have now had a full blown statement and items that may be sold previewed to us. Its difficult to judge at the moment whether the cash shop is going down well or not.  I briefly checked out the forums and as expected it all post like 'OMG adding cash shop to a Subscription game WTF' or 'i hate you Blizz im Quiting' or more of the same crap you normally get. (i feel sorry for the CMs dealing with some of the stuff, if i was a CM hint hint Blizz there would be a lot of banned accounts and i mean a LOT!) I am in favour of a Cash shop though to be 100% honest i probably wouldn't  use it, i like wasting hours of my life grinding for items. Hell i played Diablo 2 my character's were wiped several times and i kept grinding for that damn Crown of Ages! After the break i will break this all down for you, including a odd prophecy i made a while ago that may be true.