Thursday, 31 January 2013

Legendaries Part 1

Finally :)
Ok so today I want to air my thoughts on legendaries, not the weekly round table style web show hosted by gamebreaker TV. Though if you do not watch it I would definitely recommend it; its both informative and funny. (Legendary) Instead I will be pontificating about the current legendary system that is in place in MoP at the moment. What brought this topic to my mind is that this week I finally completed quest chain, see the pic. While this may seem quite slow, as in a month or so the third instalment will be available, raiding has not gone smoothly this expansion for both myself and my guild. I also confess that I have not been very dedicated towards farming for the sigils of Power and Wisdom from LFR. I am going to approach this from two sides firstly as a guild leader then as a player. This blog will cover my opinions as a guild leader, you will have to wait for the 2nd half for my opinions as a player.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

First of many

So here goes, my very first blog post only two weeks after I set up the blog. In my defence it has been a very busy couple of weeks I have moved from being a long time officer to the guild master of my guild on Dragonblight EU. Which has brought a lot of new responsibilities and has somewhat sapped my playing time for now. However, I will probably go into this in later blogs.  But anyway I digress. I have been playing WoW for 6 years now probably a bit longer. As mentioned above I am now a Guild Master. My main is a lvl 90 Arcane Mage I also have another five level 90s. When I say my main is my mage I mean it is my main - the first character that I made and if I only had the time to play one character it would be my mage. During my time in WoW I have had a lot of fun exploring the lore. Some of my favourite instances/zones are the ones that are most intertwined with lore though not to the point of Uldum with all those cut scenes.

The likelihood is that I will probably blog on a varied number of topics, as I usually play most aspects of the game from both PvP to PvE questing, dungeons, scenarios, dailies and pet battles. Throw in some more philosophical blogs about the nature of WoW, the player base, as well as my feelings on key game features and functions. As well as this there may also be some blogs about non-WoW or even shock horror non-Blizzard games. Though there won't be many as I must confess I am a bit of a Blizzard fan-boy, with all three of there games installed at the the moment as well as most of the older games sat in a stack to the left of my monitor.

I should also make a brief mention about my GF who got me into blogging, slightly ironic as I got her started playing WoW yet she started writing about it first. I am fairly sure she only started me on blogging so I have somewhere to channel all the rants about WoW that she normally puts up with. But in case you don't already you can read her blog (Admiring Azeroth) by clicking the link in blogs I follow. Also related to other blogs if you write a blog on WoW or just gaming in general feel free to leave the name of it in the comments and I'll come and read yours. I am quite a voracious reader which coupled with having ten minute eye break every hour at work leaves me with plenty of time to catch up with some reading on my smart phone.